Immigration Reform

We need urgent action on comprehensive immigration reform. I proudly support comprehensive immigration reform because our immigration system should match the agility and competitiveness of the 21st Century global marketplace and secure our border in a way that promotes legal immigration.

America’s current immigration system is broken and the status quo continues to hold back our economic potential. But rather than work to secure the border or fix our broken immigration system, the Republican Congress continues to play politics and refuse to move forward on immigration reform.

I applaud the President for taking steps to prevent children from being punished for the failures of partisan gridlock. I believe the DREAM Act is an essential part of a comprehensive immigration solution. Each year, approximately 65,000 undocumented students graduate from high school. By passing the DREAM Act, we can start to provide legitimate pathways to citizenship for these immigrants who were brought here as small children to pursue their dreams and contribute through college or military service.

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