Gun Violence

Senseless gun violence is happening every single day across America, tragically affecting our communities, our schools, even our children in their own homes. I know we won’t be able to prevent every instance of violence, but inaction is simply unacceptable. I believe we must work together to enact safe, sensible gun policy that will help reduce gun violence in this country, while preserving our constitutional right to bear arms.

I have hosted roundtable discussions with local elected officials, police chiefs, community activists, and gun rights supporters to learn more about what steps can be taken to reduce gun violence in our communities.

In Congress, I have fought for legislation that would expand background checks to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and close the gun show loophole. I was proud to support the Gun Trafficking Prevention Act and the Public Safety and Second Amendment Rights Protection Act. I also believe in restricting large capacity ammunition magazines and reinstating the Federal Assault Weapons Ban.

I am proud to have earned the endorsement of The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. Click here to read more.


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